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A guide to Youth Gear Restrictions

If you are planning on racing in any youth category races you need to make sure that your bike has the correct gearing for your age category. That means understanding how to restrict your gears so...

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11 December 2017

The Midlands Championship embraces all the stars from both the East and West Midlands This year the event was run on the Lakeside course at Worcester and run by the University.



19 September 2017

Cross Country on bikes aka Cyclocross came to Stratford on Sunday with over 500 riders and another 250 spectators massing at Johnsons Coach Yard in Henley in Arden for the Annual Stratford CC...

Stratford Cycling Club

Corder wins again

13 September 2017

Lichfield was the latest venue to witness Spencer Corders prowess at Cyclo Cross and with 46 competitors on the start line, all they saw of him was his back wheel!

Put me back on my bike!

It's inevitable that kids will fall off their bikes at some point, either when training or in a race. Nathan Brennan recently had his first racing tumble. Here's what happened.

Stratford Cycling Club

Looking for something to entertain the kids over the summer? Why not join one of Louise James' coaching sessions at Tudor Grange.

Brace yourselves, cross is coming.

If you've not tried Cyclocross before, why give it a go?