Stratford cycling clubs time trial specialists... out and about!

 by Tony Butler

Stratford cycling clubs time trial specialists... out and about!

SCC rider Declan Logue at the Beacon Event with Charlie as Time Keeper.

Stratford cycling clubs time trial specialists have been out and about riding in a series of open 10 mile events around the Midlands with Mick Stallard recording 23.15 at Redditch ; 23.10 in the Coventry event and his best ride 21.59 in the Beacon event. Meanwhile Martin Millington produced rides of 23.43 at Redditch and 23.26 at Coventry. Steve Huxley 27.06 at Redditch, 26,10 at Coventry and his best so far 24.49 at the Beacon event. Adrian Osbourne recorded 23.54 at the Beacon. And Declan Logue 29.13 at Redditch and 27.06 at the Beacon event. Stephen Eggleton recorded 25.09 in the Coventry event.

Meanwhile the younger club members had a quieter week with Zoe Parker being the best performer with 3rd placed in the under 10 race in the Stratford clubs own event at Stourport on Severn. In the boys race Samuel Abbott was 13th. In the Under 12 race despite 9 riders from the Stratford Club they didn't come up with goods this time round. Spencer Corder finishing 7th an improving Joshua Darlow 9th; Lewis Tinsley 10th; Mathew Jordan 14th; Alex Burden 19th; Ben Machin 19th; Luke Brennan 23rd Noah Harvey 24th and Joe Gregg 26th. To her credit Harriet Tinsley put in a solid ride in the girls section finishing 7th.

In the under 14's Tom Charles was 18th and Baden Green 26th.

The Clubs evening Time Trial on the 18th may was a cracker as it was over a shortened course of just 4.8 because of road works. The winner by just one second was guest rider Nick Gardner from the cycle studio in 11mins 21 seconds from Martin Millington in 11.22; he was followed by Nick Green 11.32; Mick Stallard 11.38; Stephen Eggleton 11.56; Mathew Mitchell 12.03; Robin Corder 12.06; James Fidoe 12.11; Carl Max Taylor 12.16; Adrian Osbourne 12.16; Paul Freeman 12.20; Peter Ward 12.21; Mark Hammer 12.24; Nigel Humphreys 12.49; Baden Green 13.02; John Johnson 13.04; Chris Huxley 13.05; Phillip Bromwich 13.20; Will Osley 13.38; Emma Bexson 13.38; Mervyn Mutton 14.16; Jess O'Riley 14.25; Declan Logue 14.38; Ashley Mason 14.48 and Kit Buchanan 17.45