Put me back on my bike!

Put me back on my bike!

Nathan Brennan and his road rash

It's inevitable that kids will fall off their bikes at some point, either when training or in a race. Nathan Brennan recently had his first racing tumble. Here's what happened.

We lined up for the start and got ready to set off. I was at the back of the grid. The whistle blew and I had to wait for other riders in front of me to get going, and then I was off. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a boy next to me fall, I didn’t worry but then someone crashed into me and I ended up crashing too!

At first I couldn’t feel my elbow. Sam Abbott’s Dad helped me to get up. I lifted up my elbow and saw there was a cut there. My nose, chin and mouth hurt and I had a cut on my chest and had grazed my knee - which was not too bad as I was wearing skins. Jon our coach always tells us to wear our skins to protect ourselves if we fall and it worked!

A nice paramedic checked me over, especially my mouth and nose and he said that I was OK. I was thinking of not finishing the race but Zoe’s Mum (Julieann Parker) encouraged me to carry on, so I got back on and re-joined the race. I joined the race leaders and managed to keep up with them for a while – probably because they had done an extra couple of laps than me! I was a long way behind and my knee was hurting but I enjoyed cycling round.

I made it to the end of the race and I was happy to have finished. I would say to other riders that if they fall or crash, to get back on and ride to the end. I’ve only done 3 races but it was my best race ever!

It can feel difficult to encourage your child to get back on and race when they've had a fall, especially when the other riders are zooming past whilst you pick up your tearful child and sort out their bike. Getting back on and finishing is a really positive thing to do. Bumps, scrapes and brusies make for great playground stories on the monday after the race!