Important Updates to Next club 25 TT and Club Bar Competition.

25mile TT 12th July COURSE CHANGE - AGAIN!! 
Road works on the Longmarston course mean that we are going back to the Salford Priors K33/25S course but at a later time of 730pm. This will only be open to SCC members only! In the unlikely event that traffic is very high at that time due to the concert at Ragley Hall (it should be well under way by then) the event will be cancelled.

Club BAR Competiton:
Due to the cancellation of our club 50mile TT may I draw attention to people who wish to qualify for the Mens Best All Rounder award that there is a local open 50 being organised by our own Nick Green in approximately two weeks.  Entries close in the next few days.

The mens BAR rules are as follows: Club BAR (Men) - won by the male obtaining the highest average of three speeds (fastest 10 miles, 25 miles and 50 miles respectively). The competition will be based on rides carried out between 1st March and 1st October each year. This will be confined to Stratford Cycling Club club events; however in the event that the club 50 mile trial has to be cancelled, any Open 50 event result will qualify. Results sheets for Open events must be submitted to the Time Trial Secretary by 31st October of that year.

Women need 2x10-12mile and a 25mile for BAR.

Charlie is looking into trying to rearrange our 50 late August or early September....we shall let you know if this happens in due course.